Discover how technology is triumphing in the university world.

Approaching some myths will help you to know the real draft

Education is being altered by new technologies. The University advances thanks to the progress in online development and Artificial Intelligence.

Despite the importance of technology in new courses, the figure of the teacher continues to be the capital to offer students a line of learning.

Online courses are proving their effectiveness. Internet offers to follow the training programs without having to go to the classroom.

Approaching the world of the University helps to break some myths. Technology is important for the academic world But how far can it go?

Science fiction has worked hard to develop the society of the future. Many of his presentations have come true, however many others have remained myths.

The University is one of the areas that has supported more myths about the influence of technology. To know a little better the University of the future it is good to approach these beliefs and see if they have been fulfilled.

Technology has been making room in the different facets of the human being. The digital era is dominated by developments in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

The new technologies already allow to think in a digital University. However, some science fiction ideas such as classes without teachers are still part of the collective imagination.

The implantation of technology in the university field

To get to know the contemporary University better, it is important to approach the myths that have been created around technology. Educational institutions see a great help in the digital world although their implementation is taking a slow step.

The implantation of technology in the university field

1. The work of teachers can be absorbed by robots

One of the myths about technology and the University lies in imagining university classes with robot teachers. This does not stop being a product of the science fiction imagery. To this day the figure of the professor is inviolable. A professional is required who can support the students in the consummation of their knowledge.

2. The performance of online courses is lower

Online courses are gaining in prestige. Today it can be said that this method of teaching is just as productive and serious as the face-to-face classes. Universities have created virtual environments through which it is easy to follow the topics and advance the contents.

3. Mathematical knowledge can not be taught through a virtual platform

There are many myths about learning in science careers, especially mathematics. New technologies bring the world of science closer through a virtual platform. This system is giving very good results. It is false that mathematics can not be transferred to the classroom through new technologies and online courses.