The time when the cover letters contained only the candidate’s personal information came to an end. In this article, discover 8 tips to write a perfect cover letter.

Modern cover letters should focus mainly on the company to which it will be sent, this being the first opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. To fulfill this mission, these are the 8 tips to write a perfect presentation card.

Follow these 8 tips to write a perfect cover letter:

1 – Cut to be read in 10 seconds

The proper length should not exceed three paragraphs: introduction, development and conclusion. Human resources professionals do not usually have too much time, therefore, they will want to read brief letters of presentation, to which they must dedicate ten or less seconds.

2 – Get the interest with the first sentence

You should never start the first paragraph with a boring phrase, on the contrary, you must make some bold professional statement that manages to surprise the interviewer and make him want to read what comes next.

3 – Demonstrate that you possess the necessary skills

In the job description you must identify which are the three most important skills to fill the position. Then, use the cover letter to show that you have these skills, for that it will always be good to offer some examples of past experiences.

4 – Use the statistics that support your affirmations

It is always good to say that you have experience with the management of social networks, but it will be even more positive to provide statistics that support this statement, for example, the numbers obtained in your last campaign.

5- It is not a rehash of the curriculum

The idea of ​​the cover letter is to make clear your interest to work for the company, as well as your best qualities to fill the position. The rest of the information, unless it is highly relevant, should be detailed in your curriculum vitae.

6 – Direct the letter to a person

Nothing worse than starting a cover letter with the phrase “to whom it corresponds”; in this era, it must be directed to the director of human resources or the recruiter; data that can be accessed in Google. This simple detail will set the pattern that you really have an interest in the company, given that there was a previous investigation.

7- Adapt the letter to the culture of the company

No company is the same as another, not only in its mission, but also in its culture. For this reason, you should investigate what is the style of the company and try to adapt your cover letter to it.

8 – Review all the details

Once you have it ready, you should dedicate yourself to review every detail, in order to avoid typographical, grammatical, orthographic or any other type of error. It is always a good alternative to ask someone else to check if the document is correct.